11 herbs for a better sleep

Julie Williams featured on HUM Nutrition’s, The Wellnest blog on natural remedies for a better nights sleep. According to Julie Williams, a certified medical herbalist, these herbs don’t give you that “sleep hangover” effect such as grogginess that is a common side effect of other types of sleeping aids… Read the full article here!

Leaf People on Well + Good

“Do You *Actually* Need Under-Eye Toner? I Tried One, and It Left Me Looking Instantly Refreshed”   Housed in a glass bottle, the ultra-lightweight toner pumps out like a burst of water that instantly sinks into skin for an instantly cooling effect. But that’s not all… Read the full article by Rebecca Norris here!   […]

Leaf People on Beauty Matter

“Staying moisturized during the winter months has been on brands’ minds with several skincare releases focused on hydration”… “Their newest releases include Forest Glow Face Serum ($95), which contains ingredients foraged from evergreens and aspens that are then mixed with sacha inchi oil and essential oils to promote radiant skin”… Check out the full article […]

Leaf People’s Rose Mist on Veranda!

Finding the perfect gift for travelers can be daunting. After all, how do you find a present for someone who has likely collected beautiful items from all around the world? These gift ideas for travelers will help them travel smarter, more stylishly, and lighter. Here, the best travel gifts for 2022. Leaf People’s Rose Tangerine Hydrating […]

Julie Williams featured on She Finds

The Underrated Herb Health Experts Say You Should Be Taking Over 40: Milk Thistle In an episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, herbal medicine expert Bill Rawls, M.D., mentioned that “Plants are the best chemists on earth.” He suggested that we start considering adding herbs to our daily routines because of their benefits. As a matter of fact, he […]

LP on Forbes Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Self-pampering products are among the most popular gifts for moms for Mother’s Day. After all, moms work hard and deserve the opportunity to slow down and take care of themselves with lavish products. Nonetheless, some moms are harder to shop for than others — especially those who prioritize clean beauty products that are free of […]

Julie Williams-Levin featured on Musings

Can you connect with nature through skincare? Medical herbalist Julie Levin grew up surrounded by forest near Alaska’s Kachemak Bay. Her days involved chopping up dead wood to heat her family’s home; preserving fruits and vegetables; and fishing for winter food stores. As she grew older, her curiosity and reverence for nature led to seeking […]

Julie Levin featured on Buffer

This includes deep dives into product ingredients, uses, benefits, and basic instructions, along with side-by-side product comparisons, so customers can more easily choose what is best for them and their needs. Levin explains, “We think this will help customers connect to the product line, understand why we choose specific ingredients for the individual formulas, and […]

LP in Roaring Fork Lifestyle

We couldn’t possibly mention wellness without speaking to the infinite mental and physical health benefits of clean skincare. Leaf People, a pure botanically-focused skincare company, roots all of its products in the natural world: it’s vegan, plant-based, sustainable, and all-around nourishing from “farm-to-face.” Read more…

Vegetarian Times: These Are the Vegan and Clean Products We’re Stocking Up on for Summer

After high-fiving your friends during a spirited game of beach volleyball, but before you dig into your post-workout snack, sanitize your hands with Leaf People’s rinse-free hand cleanser. The certified organic and certified herbicide- and pesticide-free Garden Sanctuary scent uses 65 percent pure organic alcohol and nourishing botanicals, such as calendula, horsetail, green tea, and […]

Sleep: Julie Levin of Leaf People On Why You Should Make Getting A Good Night’s Sleep A Major Priority In Your Life, And How You Can Make That Happen

In this interview series called “Sleep: Why You Should Make Getting A Good Night’s Sleep A Major Priority In Your Life, And How You Can Make That Happen” we are talking to medical and wellness professionals, sleep specialists, and business leaders who sell sleep accessories to share insights from their knowledge and experience about how […]

Leaf People on Forbes: Best Sustainable Beauty Buys For Earth Day

Leaf People Kalahari Melon Seed Oil The ingredient spotlight is shone on fairly traded Kalahari melon seed oil in this organic facial oil. It’s hand-collected from the oldest genetic watermelon plant on the planet, which delivers vitamins K, D and E to tackle hyperpigmentation, fine lines, scars, redness, dryness and sensitivity. Each purchase directly supports […]

Leaf People a December Editor’s Pick: Spa & Beauty

Leaf People’s Lymphatic support oil was featured in this month’s Editor’s picks over at Spa & Beauty Today.  This herbal extracted oil features powerful medicinal plants like red root, nettles, and cleavers to support and strengthen the lymph nodes and lymph system, as well as promote detoxification of the lymphatic fluids. Effectively paired with uplifting […]

Julie Levin featured on Thrive Global

Julie Levin: “Veganism is the dearest to me” – Take time to center yourself each morning. Whether it is a few minutes of deep breathing, stretching, mindful tea or coffee drinking, grounding myself first thing in the morning sets a beautiful tone for the day. As a part of my series about the women in […]

5280 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s easy to get stressed out over the holidays—especially after all that 2020 has offered up—so why not help improve a loved one’s mood with Leaf People’s aromatherapy set. Formulated by medical herbalist Julie Levin, this Carbondale-based brand has crafted four special scents featuring a specific botanical group to calm nerves, encourage positivity, awaken passion, […]

Women In Wellness with Authority Magazine

Julie Levin of Leaf People on the Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing Take time to center yourself each morning. Whether it is a few minutes of deep breathing, stretching, mindful tea or coffee drinking, grounding myself first thing in the morning sets a beautiful tone for the day….Read […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Bee Pollen?

Learn about the buzz surrounding this bee-curated supplement. Consuming bee pollen as a wellness supplement isn’t a new idea — in fact, the medicinal application of bee pollen, which has been used to treat problems ranging from stomach upset to heart problems, has been practiced for thousands of years. Here, Julie Levin, a medical herbalist and the founder […]

Sustainability Story: Leaf People

Dive into our ethos on manufacturing and relating to the planet at Yoga + Life Magazine this month. Medical herbalist Julie Levin founded Leaf People, a sustainable skincare brand that blends botanical science with western medical herbalism, in 2003. Based out of Carbondale, Colorado, the line was inspired by Levin’s deep connection to the earth. […]

Back to College Essentials 2020

Featuring Leaf People’s Green Tea & Peony Eye Serum to keep your peepers perked up for this school year! The unique formulation of white peony, arnica, reishi, green tea and helichrysum (which aids the skin renewal process) was created with botanical science and western medical herbalism in mind. This oil-based product contains fairly traded ingredients, […]

Aspen Times: “We’re Open” segment features Leaf People

Aspen Times: How have you gotten creative during this time? What have you done to keep your customers engaged? Leaf People: I started making Instagram TV segments to educate our followers on various herbal topics — herbs for colds and flus, nerve tonics, allergies — with a little dose of humor….Continue Reading

Featured on PurPicks: Founder Spotlight – an Interview with Leaf People’s Julie Levin

This year, Colorado’s Leaf People has secured 2 spots as Finalists in CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards! If you are in the market for a new face wash or face and beard oil, look no further! Leaf People’s Stem Cell & Peptide Radiance Face Cream, and Sandalwood & Cypress Face & Beard Oil are amongst the top performing […]

Beauty Independent – The COVID-19 Employee Handbook: How Indie Beauty Brands Are Protecting Workers During The Pandemic

We were very proactive with our staff. Once we heard about local COVID-19 cases, we immediately separated the team into their own working environments and stocked them up with every type of sanitizer/protective product they wanted since that is an integral part of our business. Our little mountain valley had a small cluster early on—now […]

The Green Product Junkie Loves Leaf People Skin Care

For the Love of Botanics! Created by An Herbalist, Leaf People Is Big On Purity & Potency. From the moment you open up a jar or bottle of anything from Leaf People, you’ll notice the fresh, herbal scent. And as soon as you start using medical herbalist Julie Levin’s skincare, you’ll be able to feel […]

Equinox Furthermore’s Traveler Gift Guide

Our Leaf People Immunity Aromatherapy has been featured on Equinox in The Gift Guide for Travelers. Leaf People Immunity Aromatherapy This blend is crafted in Colorado by organic skincare line Leaf People. It includes essential oils like tulsi, marjoram, and eucalyptus for an immune boost while traveling. Read more on Furthermore

Leaf People Nominated for Best in Show at 2019 Indie Beauty Expo

Leaf People has been nominated for Best in Show, Best Face Cream, and Best Face Serum at the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo. Our company and products were chosen from a pool of over 600 exhibiting brands, so it’s an honor just to be nominated! You can view all the nominees here.

Leaf People Featured in Anthology of Independent Beauty 2019

The Indie Beauty Media Group celebrated its fifth anniversary by launching the first-ever Week Of Independent Beauty, and Leaf People Skincare was featured. Many prominent beauty retail and wellness hubs collaborated with Indie Beauty Expo, Uplink Live and BeautyX Summit to champion the largest gathering of indie-attuned beauty professionals and beauty lovers in the world. […]

Thriving In Chaos: with Paulette Gloria Harwood

Julie Levin shares her passion for plants and their healing powers as the owner and curator of “Leaf People” Certified Organic Plant Based skin care on the Thriving in Chaos podcast. Paulette and Julie discuss how someone who has traveled the world learning about naturopathic practices in so many different cultures adjusts to the current […]

Beauty Independent: Scary Moments

Julie was featured in Beauty Independent in an article where brand founders share the scariest business moments they’ve faced. In it, Julie recounts her experience in 2008/2009 when the US economy crashed. Check out the article to she how she coped in the face of uncertainty. Article:

Beauty Independent

Our exclusive Leaf Man by Leaf People line was featured in an article on Beauty Independent. We have introduced a range of products tailored specifically to guys to help them with their skin care needs. “I’m working with plants that have a masculine affinity. In a lot of ways, the skin is the same, but […]

Pure Inspirations

Leaf People was featured in the “handmaid” section of the Pure Inspirations website. Pure Inspirations merges the lenses of art, culture and science to provide insightful perspectives, inspire appreciation and embolden connections. They featured the following Leaf People products: Walnut Honey Tea Luminous Face Scrub Neroli Sea Kelp Transform Toner Pomegranate Gingko Serum Rosehip Sea […]

Organic Spa Magazine – Skin Care Guide 2017

Leaf People was featured in Organic Spa Magazine's 2017 Skin Care Guide. You can find the Honey Rosemary Face Wash featured in the Guys' Grooming Guide on pages 22-23. You can find other men's skin care products in our Men's Store! Purchase their recommended product: On Sale Sale! % Off 20 Save $9 9$ 20% [...]

The Benefits of Natural Face Oils

Leaf People was featured on the well know blog “Beauty Undercover”. The article explains the differences between Argan oil, Rose Hip oil, Evening Primrose oil and Kalahari Melon Seed oil . The writer mentions one of her favorite products is Leaf People’s Kalahari Melon Seed and Vitamin K Face Oil. Read the article here:

Leaf People Adopts Hawaiian Sandalwood

In December 2015, Leaf People Skin Care partnered with United Plant Savers through their “Adopt an At-Risk“ Healing Herb program and made a long term commitment to the Hawaiian Sandalwood Tree. Our “adoption” supports conservation and propagation efforts in Hawaii, strengthening the population of these beautiful, medicinal trees. United Plant Savers non-profit work is integral […]

Aspen Sojourner: Summer 2007

Aspen Sojourner presents readers with features that tell tales of Aspen’s colorful characters, recount its rich history, and highlight current goings on about town. In this issue, Leaf People founder, Julie Levin is interviewed about the history of Leaf People development and some of the all natural ingredients and holistic philosophy that goes into the […]