What Are the Health Benefits of Bee Pollen?

Health Benefits of Pollen

Learn about the buzz surrounding this bee-curated supplement.

Consuming bee pollen as a wellness supplement isn’t a new idea — in fact, the medicinal application of bee pollen, which has been used to treat problems ranging from stomach upset to heart problems, has been practiced for thousands of years. Here, Julie Levin, a medical herbalist and the founder of Leaf People, explains exactly what bee pollen is, and why you could benefit from including it your diet.

Bee pollen actually comes from flowers.

The term bee pollen is actually a bit of a misnomer, says Levin, since bees harvest pollen to meet their protein needs, and use it, along with honey, to sustain developing bee larvae. In short, bees are the ones collecting the pollen, not creating it (that’s up to the flowers!). If you’re interested in bee pollen supplements, Levin says you’ll want to choose ones that are local and come from a variety of different types of flowers. “Different flowers create different colors of bee pollen and it’s generally considered better to eat multicolored pollen rather than uniform color pollen in order to widen the variety of available nutrients,” she says, adding that when people talk about ingesting local bee products for various health benefits they mean anything produced within 20 miles of where you live…Continue Reading


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What Are the Health Benefits of Bee Pollen?

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