The Giving Tree

5% net proceeds go to non profits

From Leaf People’s inception, we have donated a percentage of our annual sales to various charities, in an effort to give back to the plant environments that offer us their healing powers. Our primary recipient is United Plant Savers, a beautiful non-profit focused on protecting native medicinal plants. The bulk of our contributions goes to the Sandalwood Reforestation Project, a mission to plant trees and restore diversity to the native sandalwood forests of the Big Island of Hawai’i. Also, because Julie is a longtime Buddhist practitioner, the formulation of our products is deeply tied to maintaining clarity of the mind and a spiritual connection with the plants. We give back to the Buddhist center where she has been studying for 20 years, as well as monasteries in Tibet and Bhutan, to support the livelihoods of those dedicating their lives to the betterment of the world through meditation. We also support a rotating list of local charities and initiatives within our mountain community.

Below is a list of charities that we are either currently working with or have worked with in the past. Please feel free to join us in supporting these wonderful non-profit organizations or one of your own choosing.