Julie Levin, Medical Herbalist and Founder of Leaf People

About Julie Williams

…My Guerlain and Estée Lauder have taken a back seat to this fabulous product. It works!…V. Rodman

Our botanically focused skin care products are formulated and manufactured by Medical Herbalist Julie Williams. At our private lab, we integrate cutting edge botanical science with western medical herbalism, creating a truly unique skin care experience. Our products offer a wide array of botanical extracts and cold pressed plant oils to improve the tone, texture and radiance of the skin. We proudly avoid using synthetically manufactured ingredients commonly found in department store and spa skin care brands. By combining this knowledge with our comprehensive experience in herbal studies, we have created products that provide results you can see, making Leaf People one of the most effective skin care lines on the market today.

Leaf People supports the health of the planet and its inhabitants. We have developed our own strict and environmentally conscious manufacturing standards that often exceed larger commercial facilities and we follow Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • We have long-standing, great relationships with our ingredient vendors.
  • Our packaging contains a mix of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, post-consumer recycled, recyclable and compostable materials with vegetable and water based inks.
  • We extract ingredients in our private lab at low temperatures (sub 110 degrees) to preserve vital properties, with little mechanized processes. We place extra care and attention on retaining the purity and potency of the ingredients as they transition from the whole plant to a Leaf People product.
  • 5% of sales are donated to charity. Leaf People is dedicated to giving back through monetary support, donation of time, participation in charitable events and the practice of positive intentions. Here is a list of charities that we support.

Our mission:
Protect the plants and the planet. 5% of our sales are donated to charity.
Promote vegetarianism.
Practice kindness & gratitude.
Enjoy the outdoors.