Testimonials from Happy Customers


Hi I am 48 years old. I am a writer, and I travel the world teaching. I have several concerns with my skin care. I want a skin care line that supports my skin, with all the traveling and change of weather, I want it to look bright, healthy and even toned, and I want to keep my hormones balanced so organic ingredients help keep your body clean. Leaf People covers all my needs. My super favorites for every day are: The transform toner that I use after washing, the exfoliating face wash for the shower, the antioxidant face cream that I use day and night, and the green tea reishi face serum that I also use morning and night. But I have calming sprays and scrubs that I also love and use during the week. I absolutely love all the products!


Once upon a time in Aspen…While walking through the Aspen Farmers Market many years ago, I strolled into the Leaf People pop-up. As lore is told –  there was a beautiful young woman that had the skin, face and beauty to launch a thousand ships. Upon collecting myself, I heard the story and  the full range of benefits of the Leaf People products. Upon  trial –   the products changed both my skin and my life –  knocking years off my unhealthy facial skin. Almost five years later, I am still religiously using my leaf people products on a daily basis.  Thank you Julie Williams!


Leaf People skin products have saved me from the ravages of my outdoor Aspen lifestyle…. riding a bike for transportation year round, tennis in the summer skiing in the winter… Thank you for all your help!

Julie’s consistent prompt and personal responses always make my day brighter…and I feel lighter. Her facial products keep my complexion consistently healthy, a success I’ve been seeking for over 50 years. Congratulations. Also, Leaf People responds to my inquiries with the highest integrity I’ve known, it’s obvious they love their business, their enthusiasm presents to us with sincerity and friendship. I am grateful.


I try to live a “One Health” lifestyle. I believe that what is good for us is good for the planet and all living things on it.This is true for what I put in my body and on my body.I use Leaf People products because they are consistent with this philosophy. I love that they are made with ingredients from nature, are cruelty free,and are carefully crafted by Julie. I am a woman in her late 50’s who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle that can be tough on my skin, even with proper protection. My skin responds especially well to the geranium Argan oil followed by the myrtle and rose moisturizer. They help my face feel and look hydrated and balanced. I also use the Neroli Jasmine body lotion for the rest of my body. These products produce excellent results without the fancy packaging,marketing and sketchy ingredients found in designer brands. –Personal Trainer, Owner Active Choice Fitness


Just to let you know we are obsessed with your submissions this year, it was honestly tough to pick which award vs. doing ALL of them!


Julie and the entire Leaf People team are AMAZING! Been using their products in my spa and on myself for years.


Thanks Julie. Everything arrived quickly and beautifully packaged as usual. Excited to see how I like the unscented cream. I’m used to the natural smell of the other creams and products, which I cherish each day. All the products are beautiful gifts to one’s self and senses. I’m so glad I found them several years ago and you continue to bless us with your amazing products!


I love your product and actually came by and got some for a friend when I was there in June! I love your product and still using it, ❤️  Still so blessed by Leaf People.


I was never able to stick to a skin care routine before using Leaf People. But each product smells so nice and feels so good on my skin that I now look forward to my twice daily regimen.  Plus, my complexion has never been more clear and radiant. My favorite products are the Men’s Complete Face and Beard Oil and the Green Tea Helichrysum Radiant mask. I wouldn’t want to live without them!


Putting Leaf People products on my skin has become my ritual and daily act of love. It’s amazing how small daily nourishing acts can have such a profound shift in our everyday lives. My skin rejoices with the revitalizing nutrients of each elixir. The compliments I get around how healthy and vibrant my skin looks is just another added benefit!


I so so appreciate it and YOU 🙏 Your products make me so happy. I just love putting your nourishing serums on my skin and face



I’m so in love with these products after using them for just one day! Thank you very much. I can feel the plant benefits and the natural glow they’re infusing already! Wow. Amazing. 


Thank you so much Julie! I recently got a coworker hooked on Leaf People and she was thrilled when I gave her the oil to try out. You have incredible customer service and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you again.


Oh my goodness!!! I am so honored that this is from you! I LOVE your products! I’ve been using your serums for a few years but I’ve recently discovered (due to your generous samples sent with orders) your face cream and body cream. I just started with your toner and I love it too! I am slowly weaning off my Arbonne and shifting over to Leaf People products. Thank you so much for making these gifts from nature. 🙏🏻


I love your products. I believe I have been using them for over 5 years now.. Still very happy with them.


Leaf People products have been transformational for me as my skin has changed dramatically postpartum.  Using them feels like a gift everyday.  I’m grateful for all that you do and proud to support the company.


I LOVE Leaf People. The smells are divine! My favorite is the rejuvenating balm, it feels so good on my paw pads and it’s made with organic plants and oils. Sometimes I lick a little off.


I really enjoy using Leaf People products for skin care. This all-natural line of products work well, smell great, and there isn’t a lot of added water so even if they come in small containers, they last a long time even with regular use. I recently sawa friend for the first time in several months. She raved about how my skin looks; she said it looked firm and smooth and almost appeared as if I had gotten a face lift! That was a wonderful compliment to my 63 year old face and I give credit to Julie’s line of Leaf People products for my healthy looking skin.


I am currently using the nettle cucumber toner and the walnut honey tea scrub. I LOVE THEM DEARLY!


Julie Williams and Leaf People have developed an exquisite line of body care products for our retreat center, made in a process that combines expertise and a high degree of mindfulness while using only the highest grade ingredients. With her formidable knowledge of formulating body care products, Julie was able to create a unique line that represent the excellence, refined sensitivity and effectiveness we were seeking for our products, which are used both for physical care and mental well-being.


The business mission is a perfect blend with what is important to me and this product line supports my desire to go with a natural skin care line!!!! The two coincide…. The perfect win/win!!!!


Thank you for the personal email! I LOVE your products and the thoughtful and conscious way you run your company. I will be a lifelong customer. You rock!! 🙂


Thank you so much for the follow through! I have recently come to know your products ( my daughter left some behind in NH  after visiting from Australia where she lives!) She has beautiful skin.. I joked that I was going to try her stuff rather than send it to her… I love how it makes my  dry, sun damaged 67 year old skin feel and look!


I am so happy with how Leaf People products have transformed my skin! My favorite products are the green tea serum and walnut scrub -truly amazing products!


Deep space travel is horrible for my complexion! When I return from the far reaches of our universe I desperately need a good exfoliation with deep hydration to bring radiance back to my silver luster. My first priority is the luminous face scrub –it truly makes my complexion immediately vibrant. After that, I use the nourishing toner, the rose scent is celestial and awakens my mind to the vastness of all things, followed by the transform serum and radiance face cream, a completely revitalizing combination. Then, POOF, I am back to my timeless, supple silver self and ready for my next adventure.