Roasted Pumpkin and Cheese Fondue

Serves 4 – 6


1 x 15 inch gluten free (or gluten-full) baguette – slice in ½ inch slices
2 medium sized sugar pie pumpkins
1 ½ C heavy cream
1 C chicken stock – can sub veggie stock
½ t nutmeg
½ t black pepper
6 oz grated gruyere cheese (can sub gouda or other similar cheese)
6 oz grated emmental cheese
1T olive oil


  • Put a rack in the lower third of the oven and preheat to 450. Follow recipe exactly and it comes out great.
  • Arrange baguette slices in a single layer on a cookie sheet and toast until crisp – bread will still be pale – about 7 minutes
  • Cut off top of pumpkin in a 3” circle around the stem and scrape out the seeds and fibers. Sprinkle inside the pumpkin with ½ t salt.
  • Whisk cream, stock, nutmeg, salt and pepper in a bowl. Mix cheeses in another bowl.
  • Put a layer of bread in the bottom of the pumpkin and cover with 1 cup of cheese and ½ cup of cream mixture. Continue layering until the pumpkin is filed to about 1/4 from the top. Use all the cream mixture, you may have some bread and cheese left over.
  • Cover pumpkin with its top and put in a small oiled roasting pan. Brush the pumpkin with the olive oil, cover and bake on convection until it is tender and puffed, about 1 – 1 ½ hours, or bake uncovered without convection. Both ways work fine.
  • Serve by scooping into bowls, including bread, cheese and pumpkin.
  • Original Recipe from Gourmet Magazine.