Summer is officially here! As the world has made its annual process of restoring itself, we find ourselves in the midst of a global crisis, which seems to be shifting everything from our daily routines to our certainty. And yet, the forsythia is blooming with a vengeance. Pollution levels across the globe are dropping. Birds are returning to their natural singing patterns. As we bear witness to these extreme transitions, now remains an excellent time to ground ourselves and aid our bodies and minds in a time of change. Summer marks an excellent time to brighten and activate the skin after the heavy winter months. This moment is an important time to be gentle with ourselves, and I’ve selected my recommendations for the season with this softness in mind. 


Our Nourishing Face Cream hydrates and restores the skin with active Vitamins C and E, while white myrtle, camu camu and rose help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and calm excessive redness. Our Golden Face Scrub is a wonderful once-a-week cleanse to gently buff away dullness and impurities with antioxidant-rich turmeric and marshmallow to boost the skin’s integrity. For those of you beginning to trek into the outdoors, our Bug Bite Relief roll-on aids in healing skin irritations, with soothing and detoxifying tea tree and calendula. Looking for an internal reboot? Try a daily swig of Herbal Revolution’s Rose Petal Shrub drinking vinegar (actually we recommend diluting in water, it’s quite potent!). We love it for its heart-opening properties, which echo those in our Rose Line.


Simple Summer Salad


5 cups baby arugula, washed

1.5 cups edible flowers 

3 – 4 ounces crumbled farmer’s cheese (you can sub feta or goat cheese)

1/2 red onion, sliced

4 – 5 radishes, thinly sliced

1/2 red apple, thinly sliced (more or less)

Chives (to taste)

for the dressing:

2 tablespoons orange blossom honey

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

2 tsp finely chopped basil (optional)

Salt and pepper, to taste


Combine the first 7 ingredients in a large bowl (arugula through chives), arranging as you see fit. You can also arrange the ingredients on individual plates.

For the dressing: Combine the honey, oil, vinegar, Dijon and basil in a bowl or jar. Shake or whisk to fully incorporate and emulsify. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the salad and toss before serving.

Seasonal Mocktail: Heart-opening Cooler

  • Handful of fresh raspberries or 1 ½ oz. raspberry purée
  • 1 T. local honey
  • ½ oz. Rose Petal Shrub
  • Squeezed lime juice (1/4 of a fresh lime)

Muddle fresh raspberries, then add honey, Rose Petal Shrub and lime juice. Shake vigorously with ice, then strain and enjoy. Boost your cooler with 1 ½ oz. of seltzer, strong brewed green tea, tequila, vodka or bourbon.