Cold and Flu Season Tips from our Instagram TV segment

Firstly, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the current outbreak, directly or indirectly, I know it has been a difficult time for many people. I also wish that you are able to stay in good health, experience a sense of calm and enjoy a happy heart!

Recently I released a video on our Instagram TV with tips for cold and flu season which are also applicable for the corona virus. These are my personal tips for staying strong and healthy and should not replace seeking medical attention if you are feeling sick and need medical support. Here is a list of the items that I spoke about in the video, some of which are available on and others you will be able to easily find in a store or elsewhere on-line.

Your health is our first priority and as members of our Leaf People Family, please know that we are here for you. You can reach us directly with questions or recommendations at:

Vitamins: Vitamin C – break down your daily dose into 3 parts over the day, Vitamin D – take your daily dose into 1 or 2 parts over the course of the day, pre-and/or probiotics – you can take a capsule that has both or just probiotics (they are easier to find), as mentioned in the video, I like a probiotic that has 6 – 8 strains and you can take this once per day, and lastly Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic Minerals for mineral support – one dose per day. Other supplements you can include are a multivitamin, if you take one; adrenal support is great since many of us are feeling a little extra stress at this time. Visit our supplements for wellbeing page for more information.

Herbs: Personally, I would take a mix of a few of the items listed below vs relying on any one item. This will help you reduce the possibility of saturating your system with one herb and taking a variety of medicinal plants will increase the array of therapeutic benefits. In my video we spoke about fast acting immune herbs (that act quickly and you take them for a shorter period of time) vs slow acting immune herbs (deep immune supporting herbs that you would take for a longer period of time for immune system restoration and should be taken under the supervision of a naturopath, acupuncturist or herbalist). Here I am listing the fast acting immune herbs that a person could take at the onset of symptoms or after exposure to someone who is sick. Elderberry (in a tea, honey or syrup, we like Gaia Herbs brand or Dancing Willow herbs), echinacea, goldenseal, olive leaf, osha (only if it is sustainably harvested and from an ethical source, this plant has been decimated in the wild due to overharvesting), andrographis, mullein, coltsfoot and throat sprays featuring colloidal silver, slippery elm, clove (just to name a few). Please visit our supplements for wellbeing page.

Herbal Infused Vinegars: We offer 2 great ones on our medicinal vinegar section, fire tonic (similar to fire cider) and elderberry tonic. These have the added bonus of the herbs being extracted into apple cider vinegar which increases their benefit for hair, skin, gut and overall health.

Aromatherapy: Leaf People’s immunity roller is excellent! It is a very effective blend of antimicrobial and antiviral essential oils that can be rolled on the lymph areas to help clean and detoxify our lymph system, as well as assist in opening air pathways and soothing a sore throat. Apply topically on the neck and underneath the chin, gently rub the product down the edges of your throat (moving the lymph downwards) and inhale the airborne essential oils through your nose. Our aromatherapy set of 4, is another superb choice since it includes the immunity roller but also other blends for emotional wellbeing that are very useful during this current time. Additionally, adding a little lavender, eucalyptus, marjoram or tulsi essential oils, with or without lemon or grapefruit, to a diffuser or humidifier is another wonderful way to experience the benefits of essential oils.

Teas: It’s important to soothe and support the mucosal lining in your nasal passages, lungs, mouth and throat (and gut), which is your second line of defense to these outside microbes, skin being your first. Utilizing herbs and behaviors to encourage a healthy mucosal lining is very beneficial during cold and flu season. Any brand of tea is fine, however trying to source ethically harvested herbs or certified organic herbs is my preferred choice and suggested ingredients include (but are not limited to) slippery elm, marshmallow root, cherry bark, elderberry, echinacea, low levels of licorice or fennel, mullein, coltsfoot, possibly a little thyme or eucalyptus for their antimicrobial properties or rosehips for increased vitamin C. A few brands I love are Traditional Medicinals throat coat (and they have other cold and flu blends that are great), Pukka elderberry and echinacea, Dancing Willow herbs breathe freely and cold mend and Celebration Herbals brand teas. Some of these brands will be easily found in any store and some you can order on-line.

Leaf People Skin Care suggestions: Our rejuvenating balm to assist the repair of small cracks and openings in the skin and deeply nourish and hydrate weak, dry or damaged areas. Our green tea reishi face serum, transform serum and eye serum, all are made with immune supporting herbs, to keep your skin strong, resilient and looking its best. Our stem cell hydrating serum to keep your skin bright and activated during times when you are not feeling your finest. The body serum oils and lotions will maintain hydrated and rejuvenated skin all over the body, which is our first line of defense.

Lastly, on a mind-spirit note. I have heart-felt concern for this situation but I am staying present and not letting that turn into stress. I am concerned for friends, family, businesses, our community, since we are all affected on various levels and in various ways. Heart-felt concern encourages compassion and keeps us in a positive state where we can take appropriate action as needed, vs stress which has a shutting down effect on our minds as well as our immune systems. So, my wish for us all is that we can find our balance, grace and heart-felt concern during these times to assist and care for each other as we are spontaneously moved to do so.

May you all be well, safe and happy, today and every day!


Leaf People

Dancing Willow Herbs: owned by Deb, a dear friend, amazing herbalist and purveyor of Leaf People.

Traditional Medicinals



Cleansing Tea

1″ slice of fresh ginger

1/2″ slice of turmeric root (or 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder)

1/2 small fresh chili (or a pinch of chili powder)

1/2 lemon

sprig of basil, mint, rosemary or lemon verbena (any fresh herb you may have growing in your kitchen) or you can go the spice route, cinnamon, star anise, cardamon, but I wouldn’t do both. 🙂

1 t maple syrup or honey

Chop first 5 ingredients together, place in a cup, add 8 – 12 oz very hot water, cover and steep for 8 minutes, then strain. Add the maple syrup or honey last, and adjust amount for your desired sweetness and enjoy this energizing and spicy drink that will get your blood moving.