Springtime at Highlands Bowl, photo taken by Chief Leaf Julie Williams, March 24, 2023

The birds are singing and our days are growing longer, out of winter, the world is opening up, and new possibilities start to feel abundant again. Springtime is beginning to shine through our bountiful layers of snow here in Colorado. It is an excellent time to lay down foundations as we prepare for the activated energy of summer– detox, bring in freshness, warmth and practice rituals to come out of our winter shell. One of our favorite pick-me-ups, the La Republica mushroom coffee, is a perfect addition into your morning routine for clear energy and to get the adaptogens flowing.

While you sip on the delicious 7-superfood mushroom blend, scrub away all your ski goggle tan lines or couch potato days with our ultra-detoxing luminous scrub. Follow with our soothing toner, whose nettle infusion contains nourishing minerals and natural antihistamine properties (have you ever tried nettle tea?), all while balancing the skins pH. Step-up your toning regime with our new and award-winning eye area toner, feauturing rare African plant extracts for firming and brightening the delicate eye area. Our find your flow serum is a beautiful hydration step to help move any stagnation, depuff and promote skin-glowing radiance with clarifying herbs of red root, nettles and cleavers. Finish off the regime with our one-stop rejuvenating skin shop, the award winning radiance face cream for instant glow and satisfaction. The wild arnica and activated hemp body wellness serum is another product worth noting, to help ease muscles and prepare for any shifts in athletic activity.


Super Chai Tea

Our rare Heicha Chai tea (or your favorite chai!)

1-2 tsp La Republica mushroom coffee

6-8oz hot water




Touch of honey

Touch of cream or coconut milk powder


Steep your chai tea of choice. Stir in the instant mushroom coffee. Add your honey or cream and enjoy!