Fulvic Mineral & Amino Acid Replenishing Mist

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Pure unscented bliss for a delicious, refreshing burst of hydration.


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reddened · sensitive · mature · dry

restore · balance · center · enrich

Vital Nutrients
Gluten Free

Need a midday pick-me-up? Our essential oil free formula hydrates for immediate radiance. Since it is made without added scent, it is a perfect solution for anywhere, anytime, especially in places where exotic aromas are discouraged. Thoughtfully designed for both the face and body, this formula will beautifully compliment your morning and evening routine. It is also a perfect fit for individuals who have naturally generous oil production and desire a light hydration solution. 



Pure, unadulterated fulvic mineral complex

Naturally occurring amino acids

Sourced in New Mexico






Vital Nutrients
Gluten Free

100% pure fulvic mineral complex in unaltered, ionic, filtered water ◊°.
◊ethically wild harvested from the high mountains of New Mexico
°scent free

Close eyes and mist 2 – 4 times on the face and/or body. To increase hydration, use under face serums, oils and creams or anytime over sunscreen and makeup.
Avoid eye contact.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
LOVE this product!

Having recently moved from Colorado to Arizona, I noticed my skin was getting much more dry at the end of my days. This mist helped revive my face with the hydration that I was missing so much and makes my face feel refreshed the next day!

karen johnson
happy ...happy...happy

Thanks you so much for having and making this product affordable. My skin feels and looks calmer , clearer. I will be back for more !

Lovely formula, very soothing for sensitive skin

Was searching for an affordable fulvic acid mist and stumbled upon the Leaf People brand. Learned about fulvic acid benefits from youtuber Penn.Smith.Skincare and find it very soothing on my highly sensitive skin. I use it primarily to improve the product penetration of my other skincare products. Also wears lovely under sunscreen and makeup; no issues with pilling.

Callie Freeman
So Glad I Purchased!!

I bought this spray to go before my Vitamin C and I wanted a cheaper option than the Truth Treatment Solutions brand. It came with SO many free samples too! Works wonderfully, don’t hesitate, just buy it.


I use this mist throughout the day when my face needs a little extra nourishment. It works perfectly over makeup as well.

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