Thriving In Chaos: with Paulette Gloria Harwood

Julie Levin shares her passion for plants and their healing powers as the owner and curator of “Leaf People” Certified Organic Plant Based skin care on the Thriving in Chaos podcast.

Paulette and Julie discuss how someone who has traveled the world learning about naturopathic practices in so many different cultures adjusts to the current western view. Julie says “it’s not easy adjusting to the CVS mentality.” Yet notes, it’s not all or nothing anymore. Her traditional physician friend working in Women’s Health and General Medicine prescribes turmeric for anti inflammatory!

You’ll hear Julie share her extensive knowledge about the phenomenon of “Greenwashing” and the difference between the training in a cosmetic chemistry lab versus botanically based training.

Led by concern for the environment and doing as little harm as possible to the earth, Julie educates us on the need for product transparency and why she integrates Buddhist medicine making practices into the manufacturing of Leaf People Skin Care. Her products are not only deeply gorgeous for your skin, 5% of sales are donated to non-profit organizations in the spirit of a giving circle.

Listen here or tune into the monthly podcast.

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