Beauty Independent – The COVID-19 Employee Handbook: How Indie Beauty Brands Are Protecting Workers During The Pandemic

We were very proactive with our staff. Once we heard about local COVID-19 cases, we immediately separated the team into their own working environments and stocked them up with every type of sanitizer/protective product they wanted since that is an integral part of our business. Our little mountain valley had a small cluster early on—now recovered—and we wanted to halt the possibility of passing the illness while providing the opportunity for our staff to continue working since they were feeling well.

Our business is segmented into a few locations. My office plus manufacturing in one, another satellite office about 40 minutes away, and other staff members already regularly working from home. So, very quickly, everyone ended up in their own spot, and I became Santa Claus, zipping around dropping off and picking up projects and assignments in the off-hours so that we did not come in direct contact with each other.

It was pretty hectic for the first week or so as everyone adapted, but now we are in our rhythm, meeting daily via FaceTime and it is running smoothly. I do miss being under the same roof as my team, but our health and the health of others is more important than that. As of now, the entire team is doing well.  View Full Story here.

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