Simple breathing exercise to strengthen the lungs and calm the mind for cold & flu season

Today I am sharing a breathing exercise with you that helps me stay calm and focused during times of high stress. It’s also a great breathing exercise to strengthen and control the lungs and help oxygen disbursement throughout the body. My favorite thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere: in the car, at the store, at the office – or in this case in your home since many of us are working remotely – and if you really want to challenge yourself, try it while walking slowly. Training the lungs when we are healthy is very beneficial to aid breathing during more difficult times, like with our current viral outbreak and during regular cold and flu season. For a visual reference, see our Breathing Exercise IGTV post @leafpeople

Before beginning, I like to set my intention for all beings to benefit from the practice, something like: today while doing this breathing exercise, may the calm and serenity that I experience be experienced by all beings everywhere, without one exception. 

While doing this exercise, visualize all parts of your lungs being filled with clean air, nourished, expanded, exercised and activated and when exhaling and releasing, see your lungs as regenerated and stronger.

So let’s get started! 

Inhale for 5 counts.

Hold for 5 counts. 

Exhale for 5 counts. 

Hold for 5 counts. 

Repeat for 2 – 4 minutes and work up to longer periods of time.


That is it! 

If you are unable to do a 5 count for breath phase, reduce to a 3 count on each of these phases. Over time you can work up to 8 or 10 counts to increase strengthening your lungs and mastering control over your breathing. Let’s keep ourselves strong, grounded and focused so we can be our best selves for each other, this day and always.


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