Regenerative Forestry Report

Guest Blog from The Soil Association

In many ways this is a golden age for forestry. Timber prices are high. Forest products are prized for their sustainability and as a key resource to replace carbon-intensive materials. Public support for more tree planting is widespread. Yet our forests are not as healthy or productive as they could be. They increasingly suffer from pests and diseases. The way some of our timber-producing forests are managed has not changed significantly for many years, and there is little public support for and understanding of silviculture practices. Our forests are no longer havens for abundant nature, and face unprecedented threats from drought, storms and even wildfires.

This report explores how forestry could become a more regenerative land use and practice, by changing the way forests are managed and valued in practice and supported in policy. Regenerative forestry would ensure that our forests are fit for the future. It would achieve an even more positive carbon balance from the UK’s forests, increase biodiversity, support forestry livelihoods and create spaces for people to enjoy nature. It would help forests build resilience to the risks and pressures they face from a changing climate and societal needs.  Read more here or download their report!

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