Introducing All for One

We are thrilled to announce our newest line, One for All!

With our One for All line, we wanted to design a one-stop-shop for people looking for a simple regime that still upholds high-quality ingredients and results. The result is three products formulated to cover all the bases–Wash, Moisturize, and Glow.These three easy products are made for all genders, all ages and all parts of our bodies, formulated to cleanse and hydrate the body, face, hair, beard and scalp.

The One for All line is an affordable option for high-quality, environmentally friendly skincare. It is perfect for families or couples who wish to have just one set of products, as everything can be mixed and matched to become tailored to each person (for example, our Moisture is a bit lighter to accommodate more oily skin types, whereas dryer skin types can combine it with the oil). Since it simplifies the skincare regime, it allows us to cut unnecessary products out of our lives. Recently, I’ve been adding a drop of Glow to the Moisture for an extra-hydrating boost, while my husband uses everything as is, in order (his natural moisture level is jungle-like, while mine is full-on desert). Play around with products and find your customized regime!

The line’s three distinct scents offer a range of sensory experiences for various moods and skin types. Our Geranium Sweet Fennel offers an airy, light and feel-good experience that is emotionally uplifting, adding sweetness to our psyches and the way we move through the day. This scent is best for sensitive skin and brightening and restoring the skin. Our Cypress Grapefruit, on the other hand, is more robust and invigorating. It targets more active and combination skin and is great for those of us who work out a lot and experience sore muscles. Finally, our Unscented option is great for babies, children and pets.

One for All is unique in that it does not utilize any plant extracts, but relies instead on the power of gorgeous essential oils, which work in more subtle ways to achieve balance in our bodies. For that reason, they can be used by a wide range of people including kids, babies, older individuals and minimalists alike (think: quick and easy-to-read labels). We designed this customizable trio to be friendly to the whole body, the whole family and our pocketbooks!







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