Herbal Forest Sal·Tea


combination · skin detox · blemishes · oily

restore · balance · center · enrich

Vital Nutrients
Gluten Free

The ultimate 2-in-1! Experience our soul strengthening combination of pure Himalayan pink salt with potent forest therapy. Our medicinal Rocky Mountains trees provide the ultimate replenishment with their unique and concentrated vitamin & mineral content. Soaking in this beautiful, transformative essence is a rare opportunity that we are excited to share with you! Enhanced with a few of our favorite medicinal herbs, this resilience building bag of goodness will transport you from now to WOW!

This robust formula soothes overworked muscles, tight areas and is perfect during cold & flu season. Designed for all to combination/active skin types. Sold in set of 2.



Wild, high alpine blue spruce & white fir

Spanish rosemary 

Leaf People’s wild grown juniper

Ancient Himalayan pink salt




Vital Nutrients
Gluten Free

Himalayan salt◊, juniper°, rosemary*, white fir°, blue spruce°, burdock root* and oregano*.
◊ethically wildharvested, °wildharvested in the Rocky Mountains, *certified organic

Run a warm to hot bath and add your sal·tea bag as the bath is filling. Once you slip into the tranquil tub, hold the bundle of goodness and gently squeeze to release the forest medicine into the water. This may be done with intention, gratitude or just the pure enjoyment of watching the botanicals come to life. Continue to work* the bag until all salts are dissolved and the trees have released their essence. Then, relax (eye pillow optional) and soak in the beauty of our natural world.
*take care with the needles, they can be prickly
Follow with face, hand or body lotions & oils as needed. The bag of herbs may be recycled or composted.

Avoid eye contact.

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