French Lavender Room and Pillow Spray

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Calming pure essence to refresh every room. A great formula for the whole family.



restore · balance · center · enrich

Flower Therapy
Essential Oils
Gluten Free

Refresh every room with our beautiful, family friendly, synthetic free formula. French lavender has been traditionally used for calming the mind and soothing the soul.

“We use the lavender spray in every room of our house, my kids won’t go to sleep at night without a spritz on their pillow, even our dog loves it!”
M. Berget, Florida


lavender hydrosol and essential oil
Flower Therapy
French lavender
Essential Oils
French lavender
Gluten Free

Purified water, lavender hydrosol*, glycerin (vegetable), French lavender essential oil*, himalayan pink salt◊ and grapefruit seed extract.
*certified organic, ◊ethically wild harvested

Mist over pillows and bed for a peaceful nights rest. Refresh any room with a few spritz’s.
Excellent for animal bedding, kitchen odors, mudrooms, baby’s room (4 months or older), ironing sheets and clothes.
May also be misted directly on to the skin to calm rashes, sunburn or redness. Shake well before using. Avoid eye contact.

1 review for French Lavender Room and Pillow Spray

  1. 5 out of 5


    We love this product! I use it in my kids rooms and on our pillows. The soft lavender sent freshens the room and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

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