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Vital Nutrients
Flower Therapy
Essential Oils
Gluten Free

Enjoy our perfectly curated trio of products to keep your mood lifted while juggling the intricacies of life. Are your nerves frayed when the cat is eyeing the curtains like they are Mt. Everest? Try a spritz of calming mist on you and your feline friend. Are the kids clashing over group choices? Roll on a little mood lifter and inhale the sweet soul vibe of compromise. And, in the evening the whole family can fully replenish body and mind with a bright blue butterfly pea flower beverage to prepare for a blissful night and another day of heart-centered co-existence!


Calming Mist 2 oz

Mood Lifter Aromatherapy 10ml

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Calm Drink 36 gr



Vital Nutrients
Flower Therapy
Essential Oils
Gluten Free

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Mood Lifter Aromatherapy

Apply to wrists, neck, temples… wherever your senses take you…
For maximum benefit, inhale aromatherapy through your nose.
Not for internal use. Avoid eye and mucus membrane contact.


Sandalwood Chamomile Calming Mist:

Close eyes and mist 2 – 4 times on the face, inhaling through the nose. Use under serums, face oils and creams to enhance absorption and provide extra hydration. May be used over powdered make-up or sunscreen to hydrate skin and whenever a change of mood is desired. Shake well before using. Avoid eye contact.



Blue Butterfly Pea Flower:

Add 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of powder per 6 oz hot water (with lemon or creamer) or warmed almond, oat or other milk and sweeten to taste. BBPF is an excellent addition to smoothies, yogurt, chia based puddings, overnight oats or any drink or food that you would like to add deep blue pop color. Experimentation is encouraged.

Blue butterfly pea flower has a gentle, naturally sweet and lightly floral taste.

Butterfly pea flower is inherently an intense blue color. A fun aspect of this tea is that your beverage will change color with the addition of other ingredients with varying pH levels. For instance, adding lemon juice to BBPF tea will turn the tea purple.

Fun Party Trick: Mood Ring Mocktail
  • 1.5 cups water
  • 1/2 teaspoon blue butterfly pea flower
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • 6 oz seltzer water
  • squeeze of lime juice

Preparation. Mix 1.5 cups hot water and 1/2 teaspoon of BBPF powder. Freeze in an ice cube tray.

For your mocktail: combine the pineapple juice, seltzer water, lime & two BBPF ice cubes in an 8 oz glass. As the ice cubes start to melt, the drink will change color.

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