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  • Honey & Oatmeal Replenishing Face & Body Bar


    Cherish simplicity. Our delightful blend of oats, shea butter and honey creates a gorgeous lather that provides nourishing and hydrating factors to smooth & replenish skin for a whole body glow. Our soap bar is formulated for daily use, all skin types and is a wonderful sink-side companion for regular hand washing. Gentle and scent free,…

  • Daily Herbal Drinking Vinegar 8 oz


    Crack open this bottle full of herbal sass and set a direct course onwards and upwards. Our invigorating blend of Leaf People grown herbs, combined with astragalus & red clover, are steeped for days in apple cider vinegar, creating the ultimate daily dose of soul strengthening so you can effortlessly launch into your day! Wash,…

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