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Julie Levin, Owner/FounderJulie Levin, Owner/Founder

Growing up in rural Alaska, Julie was raised with an essential understanding of how to use plants for survival as well as enjoying them for their immense beauty. At 16 she toured Japan on a sister-city cultural exchange program and at age 18 she was living in Belgium. Both experiences planted the seeds for her botanical and homeopathic medical studies, introduced her to the use of plants with healing properties in the diet and established roots for Buddhist studies.

She knew her world travels were just beginning and while attending college in California, she dreamt of making a trip around the world to experience life in a variety of cultures. After graduating from San Francisco State University and living in Aspen, CO for a few years, she departed. Her first stop was Australia and her first formal introduction to herbal medicine. Three and one half years, 17 countries and 5 continents later, Leaf People began to emerge, initially as a ceramic art series inspired by the plant kingdom and later as the skin care line so many have come to love.

After returning to the United States in 2001, Julie resumed her botanical studies, beginning a diverse and focused ten year educational journey in herbal medicine. This included continual mentoring under Master Herbalist Lillian McCracken, attending herbal medical school with Master Herbalist Lynn Albers and making yearly trips to Bolivia to study with Herbalists in the Amazon and Andes. She is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and participates in other post-graduate educational programs annually.

Along with years of honing her knowledge in botanical medicine, Julie has developed a very dedicated practice at Tara Mandala Buddhist Center in Pagosa Springs, CO. This wonderful connection to the meditative mind state brings a unique level of clarity to the Leaf People Skin Care line and Julie’s Buddhist practice is incorporated into the manufacturing of all products.

Leaf People, Aspen, Colorado

Leaf People skin care, founded in 2004 by Herbalist, Julie Levin, provides the highest quality skin care products available. We utilize raw, organic ingredients and effective extraction processes to provide visible results. With ten years of education and experience in the Herbal Medical field, Julie has been able to create a unique line of products that nourish and enhance the skin’s beauty.

This strong educational background in botanical medicine and knowledge of extraction processes allows us to add the appropriate botanical elements into each product for an optimum level of integrity and effectiveness, an aspect rarely found in the skin care field today.

Leaf People fervently believes in supporting the health of the planet as well as all those who inhabit it. We have developed our own strict and environmentally conscious manufacturing standards that often exceed larger commercial facilities and we support businesses that do the same.

  • All ingredients come from farms that practice one or more of the following: organic and/or biodymanic farming, ethical wild harvesting and supporting the fair trade federation.
  • Our packaging contains a mix of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, post-consumer recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials with vegetable based inks.
  • All extracts and processing of ingredients are very low temperature (sub 110 degrees) to preserve vital nutrients and therapeutic properties with relatively no mechanized processes. Cell phone and computer use is avoided in the lab. We place extra care and attention on retaining the purity of the ingredients in our products.
  • Coming soon: Since we continuously strive to uphold the highest standards in manufacturing, we are currently working on obtaining our USDA organic certification and our Whole Foods Premium Body Care seal. It takes a little time, but watch for these changes on our website and packaging.
5% net proceeds go to non profits

Another cornerstone of Leaf People Skin Care is our dedication to giving back through monetary support, donation of time, participation in charitable events and the practice of positive intentions.

Below is a list of charities that we are either currently working with or have worked with in the past. Please feel free to join us in supporting these wonderful non-profit organizations or one of your own choosing.

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  • Aspen Club and Spa:
  • Aspen Saturday Market:
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  • Colorado Anti-aging Medicine
  • ilumina Healing Sanctuary Acupuncture Clinic
  • Sacred Skin Day Spa:
    • Aspen, CO
    • PH: 970-925-5557
  • Tara Mandala Dakini Bookstore
  • Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus:
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    • PH: 970-544-2499
  • Basalt Emporium and Flying Circus
    • Basalt, CO
    • PH: 970-927-3132
  • Crestone Oasis/Joyful Journey Hot Springs
    • Crestone and Moffat, CO
    • Katherine Danforth
    • PH: 719-256-5445
  • ReGenesis Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • Soothing Therapeutics
  • Valley Food Coop

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