I really am in love with your products! All the best and THANK YOU again!
– Gretchen Bleiler, Professional Snowboarder

Gretchen Bleiler

Olympic Snowboarder + Keynote Speaker + Environmental Advocate + Entrepreneur

Professional snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler is a two-time Olympian and Olympic silver medalist, four-time X Games champion, ESPY Award winner and 2008 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.

Following her 13-year career as a professional athlete, designer, spokesperson and environmental advocate, Gretchen continues to use her platform to take action on climate change and inspire others to do the same through her work with Protect Our Winters.

Similarly, witnessing the unsustainable habits and products plaguing our health and environment, Gretchen launched her sustainable lifestyle company, ALEX, which stands for Always. Live. EXtraordinarily. The brand captures the belief that “our small everyday actions are what add up to an extraordinary life.” Sustainability lies in the everyday journey, and ALEX seeks to empower others in their own journey. Gretchen does keynote speaking on the topic and has created a podcast called The Art of Living Extraordinarily, which dives deeper into the conversation.

Find Gretchen’s next speaking engagement or listen to her podcast at gretchenbleiler.com and follow her next adventure! 

Always. Live. Extraordinarily