Thrive this holiday season and create your own “no sniffle zone” with immune supportive herbs, flowers and berries!


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Vital Nutrients
Flower Therapy
Bee Friendly
Essential Oils
Gluten Free

Enjoy the bounty of nature’s botanical offerings in this wonderful immune supporting trio that keeps us on our toes even in the most difficult times. This group contains traditionally prized herbs, berries and flowers that promote vitality! Potent elderberry, medicinal mushrooms and warming spices grace our organic apple cider vinegar elixir that will help fight off any rogue microbes headed our way. Our beautiful lymphatic support oil is a wonderful self-care ritual to integrate during cold/flu season to assist in the movement of lymph and general detoxification. Plus, with a healthy lymph system, not only will the immune system be supported but it also promotes clear, luminous skin! And rounding out with my winter must-have, the immunity roller! Center yourself inside an aromatherapy bubble of protection. Eucalyptus, marjoram and lavender are incredible germ fighters, while promoting open airways, deep breathing and enhancing an overall sense of well-being.


Geranium & Grapefruit Lymphatic Support Oil 10 ml

Elderberry & Medicinal Mushroom Tonic 8 oz

Immunity Aromatherapy 10 ml



Visit our youtube channel to learn more about the medicinal properties of common culinary herbs.

Vital Nutrients
Flower Therapy
Bee Friendly
Essential Oils
Gluten Free

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Geranium & Grapefruit Lymphatic Support Oil
Apply below the ears, under the chin & along the sides of the neck, rolling downwards & gently massage in the same direction. May be used over any lymph areas on the body. Adjust application & massage direction depending on the lymph area you are treating so that you are always moving the lymph towards the heart. Avoid eye contact.
The lymph system does not have its own pump (like the cardiovascular system) so it relies on muscle contraction and relaxation or massage/physical touch to move through the body. Your lymphatic system carries substances for elimination from the body, think of it as your internal cleaning system, and proper lymph flow is important for general health, immune function & regulation, hormone balance and maintaining bright, clear skin. Lymph flows towards the heart so if you are working on lymph areas in the lower part of your body, you will want to massage in an upwards direction and if you are massaging lymph zones in your head, chest or neck, you will massage gently in a downward motion. As with all new therapies, please consult your herbalist, naturopath or doctor if need be before beginning regular lymphatic massage.



Elderberry & Medicinal Mushroom Tonic

Single serving size: 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.
Enjoy our medicinal vinegar neat, on the rocks, added to a spritzer, kombucha, mocktail or in your favorite cocktail, with a twist. May be used in any recipe requiring vinegar and is excellent in salad dressing.



Immunity Aromatherapy

Apply to wrists, neck, temples… wherever your senses take you…
For maximum benefit, inhale aromatherapy through your nose.
Not for internal use. Avoid eye and mucus membrane contact.

Alternative benefits and uses: This energizing formula stimulates cerebral activity and is excellent for long hours at the computer, driving or studying.

Leaf People

superior skin care
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Complete Instruction Card

CLEANSE: Massage a small amount of face wash, scrub or grains on to the skin and rinse. Face wash can be used daily (and, if desired, combined with our face wash grains), face scrub 1-4 times per week.

ANTIOXIDANT MASK: Mix equal parts mask and activator, apply ot clean skin, leave on for 5-6 minutes then rinse.

TONE: Apply toner with a cotton pad, wiping in an upward motion over face & neck. Toner replenishes skin while removing residual soap, makeup & sunscreen.

EYE SERUM: Roll once under eyes and smooth in, a.m. and/or p.m. Targets dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. For upper eye, apply only at night, just before bed. Avoid direct eye and tear duct contact.

MIST: Close eyes and mist 2-4 times on the face, inhaling through the nose. Use under serums, face oils & creams to enhance absorption & boost hydration.

SERUMS & FACE OILS: Dot serum/oil around face and neck and massage in. For ultra radiance, mix face serum or oil with apple stem cell serum and apply together. May be used in place of or under cream.

CREAM: Apply as needed to the face and neck, with or without serum under.

RADIANT MASK: Skip steps 6 & 7. Melt a small amount of mask between the fingertips and apply to the face and leave on. Especially beneficial after using the luminous face scrub.

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