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As we dive deeper into the relationship between botanicals and our bodies, we’d like to bring forward the important role the lymphatic system plays in skin, general detoxification and overall health. We designed our new Lymphatic Support Oil to specifically target and promote lymphatic drainage, which supports a strong immune system and promotes radiant, healthy-looking skin, along with countless additional benefits.

This herbal-infused oil acts as a subtle daily treatment to keep your body clean and strong through promoting daily detoxification. It’s an ideal remedy for someone who’s prone to waking up with facial puffiness, experiences swollen glands, or struggles with scratchy morning throat (see: waking up with a Marge Simpson voice). The lymphatic system is also deeply tied to the skin’s luminosity. When circulating properly, the skin is more likely to appear bright and radiant. A sluggish lymphatic system, on the other hand, can result in an opaque dullness in the skin.

The lymphatic system requires our participation to work fully because, unlike the circulatory system, it doesn’t have its own pump. It relies on muscle contractions to move lymph (the fluid that acts as the transporter throughout the lymphatic system). Our Lymphatic Support Oil utilizes purifying and lymph-stimulating herbs to assist in the lymphatic system’s cleansing process. Our formula is centered around red root, an herb whose bitter and astringent properties assist in that flow (astringents are tied to movement and stimulation of smooth muscles, like those that line the lymph vessels). Cleavers are another wonderful lymphatic stimulant known to help reduce micro-inflammation of the lymph glands, clear waste from the body and balance water retention. We’ve packed in a variety of additional herbs that are traditionally known to quiet tissues, restore balance and encourage detoxification–nettles, grapefruit, calendula, red clover and castor oil, to name a few.

This oil can act as a daily ritual for maintaining general health. Like all other systems of our body, the lymphatic system needs to be maintained on a daily basis. Should you feel a seasonal cold or flu coming on, pair with our Immunity Roller for a supercharged bacteria-busting duo.


Coming soon to our youtube channel: video on how to perform self lymphatic drainage massage.



Basic Lymphatic Massage Tips:

1. Apply Lymphatic Support Oil over lymph areas: just above collar bone, sides of neck, under chin, behind ears, lower face, above/below cheekbones, over sinus area on forehead.
2. Massage using a square motion with light pressure, only moving the skin, not the muscle tissue below the skin. See video for details.
3. Begin the massage at your collarbones. 
4. Gently massage in the lymphatic drainage method from the top of your neck downwards.
5. Repeat this massage movement on the face starting at the center of your face to the edges, where you applied the oil; chin, cheekbones, sinus areas and then repeat back down the face, the neck and finish at the top of the collarbones.


Tips and tricks:

  • Long slow deep inhalations and exhalations while doing massage for increased lymph flow and movement
  • If you don’t have time to do the massage, let the lymphatic support oil do the work for you by just applying it to clean skin under your cream.
  • Finish by drinking an 8 oz glass of water after the lymphatic massage to help flush any toxins out of the body.

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